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Sunday, 20 February 2011


Various Customs & Traditions of Knanaya Samudayam

a) Marriage:

• Kaipidutham – Betrothal Ceremony by blessing the hands of the uncles of bride & bridegroom by the priest.
• Koluvilakku – Lighted oil-lamp placed near the bride and bridegroom for Mylanchi Ideel & Chamtham Charthal. This lamp is also used to welcome the couple after the Wedding. This lamp signifies the presence of Christ, the light of the world.
• Chamtham Charthal – Purification or beautification of the bridegroom by shaving face & bathing with oils, etc on the eve of the marriage.
• My-lanchi Ideel – Beautification of the palms and feet of bride by the leaves from “Mylanchi” shrub on the eve of marriage. This signifies the purification of hands and feet from the original sin committed by Adam & Eve.
• Icha-Pad-Kodukkal – Ceremony of giving sweet pudding to the bride and to the groom in their home after the beautification ceremony.
• “Beru Mariam” Song – A prayer in praise of Jesus as Son of Mary, sung by the priests & the laymen at the end of the marriage ceremony in the church.
• NaDa Vili – Cheers (NaDa NaDaaye….NaDa NaDa NaDa) given to the bride & Bridegroom while going home from the church after the marriage (It also serves to Alert the wedding receptionists to complete their final touches).
• Vazhu Pidutham – The rite of giving God’s blessing to bride and groom by the mother of the bride by placing her hands in the form of a cross on their heads.
• Kacha Thazhukal – A ceremony using a new piece of cloth given to bride’s relatives as a gift by the groom’s party (Usually to bride’s mother, grandmother & maternal uncle/aunt)
• Nellum Neerum – Sign of cross done using the blessed palm leaves (from Palm Sunday) wetted in the patty (rice) water, on the forehead of the bride & bridegroom Wishing them God’s blessing and happiness.
• VeN-PaachoR – A special sweet rice porridge ceremoniously given to the new couples after marriage.
• Adachu ThuRa – Shutting & opening of the bride’s chamber at the end of the marriage festivities at home.
• Illa-PaNam – A small amount of money is given to the bride’s party by the groom’s people as offering to the churches.

b) Funeral:

• Drinking from the blessed Coconut – To show that the sons and the daughters of the dead should live in fraternal communion.
• Folding the Plantain Leaf for Meals – This reminds that King Cheraman Perumal honored Thomas Kinai and party by giving them two plantain leaves for royal dinner.
• Thazhukal – Embracing relatives of the dead person in the church after the funeral, to express the condolence.

c) Other:

• Maargam Kali & Patt – Religious dance (ballad) performed in the connection with joyful religious and social functions. The songs contain accounts of the appostolic work by ST.Thomas and the voyage and migration of Thomas Kinai and his group.
• Puraathana PaaTTukaL (Ancient Songs) – Traditional songs sung by the participants and relatives during marriage ceremonies and festivities.


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